Hi. I am 29 years old. Been suffering from this gynecomastia since the age of 18.

All my friends and colleague used to make fun of me calling my chest as breast. It was embarrassing but still I started to do my exercises since the age of 18. I did my diet and I did lot of other activities to lose this chest fat but I was not able to lose the chest fat at all.
I did lot of other activities and spent a lot of money on other kind of acupuncture and other things but still didn’t help. At the age of 25, I started to explore about this liposuction but I was scared and my family did not really support me to do that. I was still motivated to lose weight and I lost nearly 20 Kgs in about a year but still my chest fat didn’t reduce at all. When I started to realize that chest fat was not reducing the only option was liposuction and I started to explore the videos on online. First thing that came online was Dr. Karthik’s videos and he made it look so simple and the videos gave me real confidence to remove the fat from the chest region.
When I came down to Chennai, one of my friend referred to Dr. Karthik as well as one of the best doctor to go and get rid of it.

When I came down I was really surprised to meet Dr. Karthik. To tell about Karthik he is one of the best ever I met. More than a doctor, he is a friend. He held my hands and he told me that I am not alone. There were many cases about this and he gave me the confidence. He made me meet a patient who just underwent the operation and he gave me the confidence as well. I met him on Thursday and got operated on Friday immediately and did not even inform my family. I just informed my friends. It was very minor operation. I came down by 5 o’clock in the morning, operation started by 5.30 a.m. and I got discharged by 10 a.m.

The staff in Chennai Plastic Surgery were great, specially the Dr. Arvind who was with me for this procedure and also anaesthetician, who was one of the best actually. Just once I finished my operation I was able to get out of the bed. By like 7.30 a.m. I was awake, by 8 a.m. I was walking and by 10.30 a.m. I was waiting to go out of the hospital.

To tell about the pre-operative procedure, the staff were very flexible and they gave me a list of things I have to do which was easy to follow. Which just included that I should not eat for about 8 to 9 hours earlier to the procedure and scrub, where I just need to take shower with. It was very very easy to follow.

Post-operative procedure was again they gave me a clear instruction what I should do, what I should not do, and they were following up with me. They were very friendly and they gave a call asking how I am feeling? am I good?, is there is any other issue with me? I am more than happy with it.

To tell about the cost, I have spent more than $4000, which is equivalent to 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh INR. In Singapore and other countries doing acupuncture and other kind of massages and the electronic and laser treatments which really didn’t help and didn’t produce any kind of results, not even losing 1 kg. of weight. But the cost over here was very nominal. I got it done within $2000 which was very nominal price. I got 85% of results, which I am very very happy about it.

My experience about Chennai Plastic Surgery was one of the best I have ever thought. I just feel that is very simple and I wasted my 5 years and I could have done this 5 years earlier.

Thank you