[Rhinoplasty / Nose Correction]

I am taking this opportunity to thank Dr. Karthik and the team for giving me a lovely Nosejob! I am Model from Aussie. One of my actress friend in India recommended me Dr. Karthik. I however did check the Chennai Plastic Surgery website and had a consultation with him for Rhinoplasty. The website itself was so user-friendly and self explanatory, it gave so much clarity on the procedure, post and pre preparations with video’s of the Dr himself, also his qualifications were flashed. Impressed with the chat facility and website accessibility thought will have a consultation with the team. Must say, it gave even better flattering experience with the service quality and friendly approach. A typical tall dark handsome young chap walked in with a beautiful young team, turned out that is the Dr and his team. They were extremely professional and Dr had good subject knowledge and was able to easily connect with. Hence, fixed my surgery date spot on. During surgery, had no pain highly professional and experienced anaesthetist. No hassles et al, during and after surgery within an hr or so all was over and within 3 days, plasters were self removed. However, the team made sure, they called and guided in every step and constantly explained the healing process and activities to be followed. Within a week I applied make-up and no one was able to see through any change. Though Dr is not in the group of American Association of Plastic Surgeon, he sure is a Grade A International Standard Indian Doc. He understands Asian Skin so well. Fantabulous young team, Way to go people… All the best Dr. Karthik and the Team. Everyone deserves good looks regardless of their profession, Lets look good from outside to feel inside. I would highly recommend this team to all my Asian folks and of course anyone who can fly to India. God bless.