[Gynecomastia / Male Chest Correction]

Were you pleased with the treatment? I went to Chennai Plastic Surgery for Gynecomastia surgery and my very happy with the results. This is just my 3rd day after surgery and I am being able to walk for the whole day without any major difficulty. Yes , there is a slight uneasiness due to the stitches but that pain is acceptable. Now I have a flat chest and I could were any T-shirt without thinking about how my chest would look unlike before. Very Happy with the results.

I would like to thank Dr. karthick Ram , Dr. Arvind and their team for the wonderful service they have provided. I am from Assam and thought I would have problem dealing with the people their. But when I went their I was surprised to get such homely behaviour by each and every one of the team. First thing that impressed me was the quality of respose I got when the called up their clinic. They always replied to every mail within 2-3 hours and gave me the no. of Dr. Karthick so they I can consult with him Directly. I also want to mention about Dr. Arvind who by his friendly and confident behaviour will make your fear go away. Once I reached there I was not left unattened even for a minute. Overall I would like to say that I had a wonderful experince and a great result of my gynecomastia surgery.