[Brachioplasty (Arm lift)]

Hi! I am Dr Deepu, a person who was 96 kg when I first came to know about this eminent surgeon Dr.karthik Ram through newspapers. It was always a battle for me to reduce my weight right from my childhood. I always had lots of depression due to my obesity And had low self confidence through being a doctor. The day I came into chennai plastic surgery team is where my life changed. I was Initially on zero carb diet which was really helpful in loosing five kg in about two months and then the chief doctor did a liposuction which was very un eventful and I had a great support and encouragement from the chief doctor Dr karthik and Dr Arvind from where I reduced another fifteen kg with a proper diet and exercises as guided by the Cpc team.

Then due to huge amount of weight loss I had saggy skin over my arms and so I underwent excision of saggy skin and now I couldn’t believe myself seeing my mirror coz Dr karthik have not only shaped my body but always shaped my life giving me great self confidence . According to me the chief doctor as well his associate doctors dr Arvind and dr Moorthy are extremely talented and they do Thier job with utmost sincerity . I would say that the doctors and staffs over there are extremely kind and supportive and patient friendly .he is a doctor who is always compassionate towards his patients and the key point is he is never been a commercial doctor at any cost. Now I am 72 kg lost about 24kg in a period of one year with the enormous guidance from chief and Cpc team . Way to go for u and good luck to CPC team !