[Silvaraju Hair Transplantation]

Hair Transplantation 11-06-2015I had male pattern baldness and had gone for many treatments but never had any improvements; many such treatments only ended up with time lost and waste of money. Finally I heard of Chennai Plastic surgery and came for consultation. I had a strong confidence on Dr.Karthik and his team. I immediately signed for a hair transplant treatment.

The whole procedure was well planned and very professionally done. The staffs are all well trained and very caring. After the surgery I looked into the mirror and thought I am going to have very new look that I always dreamed off. The follow up treatments were well handled and every supporting staffs gave me great encouragements and compliments that made me feel encouraging. To add, I stopped taking any painkillers the very next day onwards.

My follow up consultation saw great progress and month by month I can see sure progress with confidence. I would definitely recommend anyone to this specialist clinic for your hair treatment.