If you are experiencing physical, social, and/or emotional issues as a result of oversized breasts, it may be time to consider undergoing breast reduction surgery. Women with breasts several sizes too large for their body often suffer from chronic pain, rashes, posture issues, and more. A breast reduction relieves unwanted and unnecessary discomfort.

Also called reduction mammoplasty, a breast reduction reduces the weight and size of the breasts. This is accomplished through surgical removal of excess glandular breast tissue, sagging skin, and excess fat. These changes create lighter, firmer, smaller, and more symmetrical breasts.

Breast reduction surgery has a very high satisfaction rate, since it provides a number of important benefits.

Eliminate Chronic Pain

One of the main reasons why women choose breast reduction surgery is due to the aches and pains caused by heavy oversized breasts. At times equivalent to six-pound bowling balls, large breasts can be a lot of mass to carry around on a daily basis.

When larger breast sizes run in the family, it often leads to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. Large breasts can ruin posture and may cause numbness in extremities or in places that suffer from continual ache.

Oversized breasts can also make it harder to perform physical activities like exercising, running, and playing sports. Even everyday tasks like grocery shopping can become arduous.

With breast reduction surgery, patients can resolve chronic pain and posture issues. Lighter breasts make physical activities and everyday tasks much easier, improving one’s overall quality of life.

Avoid Unwanted Attention

As a woman with larger breasts, you’re most likely used to getting showered with excessive male attention, rude and obnoxious comments, and harassment in public social spaces. With a breast reduction, women can finally avoid unwanted attention and derisive comments that can have a lasting impact on emotional health and wellbeing.

Address Physical Discomfort

Commonly, women with larger breasts struggle with finding comfortable positions when standing, sitting, or asleep. Why spend a lifetime trying to find that sweet spot propped between a soft cushion and a firm pillow when you can solve your comfort issues with a visit to a skilled surgeon?

Rid Yourself of Skin Discoloration

Women with larger breasts often suffer from rashes beneath the breasts and painful bra-strap indentations. The prolonged strain of tightly pulled material causes blood to collect within the folds of skin. This combined with reduced ventilation causes the skin to look constantly irritated. Reduction mammoplasty allows the skin to regain a healthy appearance.

Make It Easier to Find Properly Fitting Clothing

If you’ve been having trouble finding clothing that fits properly due to oversized breasts, you’re not alone. Breast reduction surgery improves proportions, making it much easier to find clothing that actually fits.

Arrange Your Consultation

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