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How to prepare your skin before a chemical peel

Adequate priming of the skin for at least 2-4 weeks prior to peel and discontinuing 3-5 days before the procedure is of vital importance.[5] Priming is done by application of depigmenting agents such as hydroquinone or retinoic acid and use of sunscreens. Patient should be instructed not to bleach, wax, scrub, massage or use depilatories […]

Chemical Peel — Skin Rejuvenation in Chennai

Are you getting a chemical peel? If so, make sure to follow your physician’s instructions in order to prepare for the procedure. Leading up to the chemical peel, your physician may give you pre-treatments to make the procedure easier. These are used to ensure that the area coverage is even, make the healing process go more […]

CHEMICAL PEEL: Do’s and don’ts for patients.

It is often said that the skin care prior to procedure is as important as post-procedure care for the optimum outcome of chemical peeling. This care would include using appropriate face care products given by the doctor along with other do’s and don’ts. Priming: Priming of the skin implies to using face care products in […]