-By Dr.R.Karthik

In advanced countries, only the lower socio economic groups suffer from obesity. The upper classes, the affluent, maintain their bodies even at the age of 60 and 70, staying trim is their priority. I was really blown away by that fact. They are very aware of the fact that youthful appearances, a fit and shapely bodies are necessities – both for themselves, their careers and for their personal lives.

“There, the educated people are aware of the fact that six pack abs for men are often achieved by employing procedures like high definition liposuction

The ladies in these advanced countries are so conscious of the way they look and feel, that external measures like liposuction and tummy tucks – after their families are complete – are very common occurrences.


Recently, the concept of volume filling to give a youthful appearance to the face is getting well recognized. Gone are the days when a face lift did little to hide the signs of aging, as what lay beneath taut skin were hollow cheeks and lost fat. Today, along with the face lift, lost facial volume is replaced by fat and fillers. In fact, fat fills and fillers are very common office procedures. For those dreaded wrinkles, botox is a very effective procedure. Make sure it is done by a Plastic Surgeon who understands the face and its muscles well.

Those unsightly chubby cheeks are not attractive any more. The lean, taut look is in. Chubbiness, if it doesn’t go naturally, is often reduced using a very scientific procedure called Buccal Fat Pad Excision. It is the removal of excess facial fat. The process does not leave a scar, so nobody will even know it’s done. All they will know is that you look far leaner, therefore far more attractive than you ever did.

Slowly those silicone implants are replaced by fat fills. Buttock augmentations are easily achieved by fat fill which was done using the buttock implants.

I visited three high volume cosmetic surgical centres all over USA. I have fine tuned my skills. Facial cosmetic surgical conference, which I attended in Las Vegas was really useful. I was able to update my knowledge in facial cosmetic surgery, and actually assist well known and very experienced Plastic Surgeons as they performed various procedures.