There are multiple treatment modalities to correct the saddle nose, bumpy nose and what not. But is there a non – surgical way to achieve this? Yes there is. And this is known as medical rhinoplasty.

The nose being an important feature to determine ones ideal facial proportions, a saddle nose or a bumpy nose needs attention to make it look better than before. There are many regions on a nose that can be benefit from dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are spreading virally to attract many people in model industry, ‘yet to be’ grooms and brides awaiting a special occasion and so on. These dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of human body. These acids act as a binder to bind tissues and keep them in position and provide hydration to the skin.

There are two reasons why a person needs a filler:

  • To look less older
  • To look more beautiful

As we age, the nose tends to change and dermal fillers plays an important role in changing the age factors, like the drooping of the tip.

Dermal filler is a ‘lunch time procedure’. Soon after, you can go back to work if you are not concerned about the minimal redness. A short nose can be lengthened, a wide nose can be narrowed with small injections in short period of time. A flat nose is a major complaint among Asians that could be easily addressed with fillers to make it sharper and fuller.

A depression in the nasofrontal region can be well-corrected using fillers to make it more aesthetic.

Fillers are also used to give your nose a young look.