Male breast is a common entity in men. Ideally speaking, male chest should be flat with a prominent pectoralis major muscle. Pectoralis major muscle forms most of the chest part and the lateral latissimus dorsi muscle goes behind. In the gynecomastia surgery one of the very important step is correcting the sides of the chest which should be concave enough and has to be created well to bring up a more pleasing male chest appearance. The exact technique performed to treat gynecomastia depends on the grade and the amount of fat deposited on the sides of the chest. Still the surgical goals and the outcome purely depend on surgeon’s hand.

Basically in the chest region there are two kinds of fat pockets, Superficial and deep fat. Most of the time in initial days when we were doing liposuction, we thought we removed the fat completely but usually that never happened and ended up in missing the deep fat.

The deep as well as the superficial fat has to be removed completely to give a concave appearance. So that the side of the chest and the pectoralis major muscles are well defined. 90% of the time it never goes down by diet and exercise and has to be addressed during the liposuction surgery. If you are not addressing it separately, the side bulge never goes and it might very awkward. You won’t get a perfectly chiseled chest if the doctor does not correct the side bulge though gynecomastia is completely done.