A lot of people are worried about the restoration of sensation around the nipple and areola complex following gland removal in male breast surgery.

One should understand that the nipple areola sensation in men with Gynecomastia is predominantly the gland sensation. They might have been experiencing a little erotic sensation prior to the surgery. When we remove the gland completely, the erotic sensation will disappear significantly.

Following the male breast reduction, one may experience a little numbness around the nipple region since the nerves around the nipple region are disturbed or damaged during the procedure. It is important to be patient since this loss of sensation following Gynecomastia Surgery is temporary. As the nerves start to recover, the normal touch sensation and temperature sensitivity will be restored usually within a few weeks but for a few, it can take even 6 to 12 months. Sometimes the sensation may not be restored completely in comparison to the surrounding areas.

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