The field of cosmetic surgery has many areas of the body to deal with . However, gynaecomastia and the patients with this problem are very dear to me. Somewhere it’s the feeling that I have gone through the same at one point in my life. So there is always a deep rooted interest to give best results and very cosmetically pleasing results, by which I mean, less scars. The solution to the smaller grades one and two , turned out to be simple. The higher grades of three and four, stood as a challenge. I read a lot, did my research, but most surgeons all across the globe practice the excision of excess skin method , either in the primary surgery or six months later. However this did not feel appealing to me. In all fanatic search for an answer, I embarked upon these plasters which could lift the skin up and reorient it to a position required. I thought why not try my loose skin gynaecomastia patients. I designed the plaster lift technique and tried it on all my grade three and four patients in the last four years. It was a heart whelming response , to see so many happy patients. However, science needs to be shared and not kept hidden. That’s when me and my team decided to publish this as a paper. We had our hindrances and difficulties , but overcoming it all, we got the technique published in an internationally authorised paper, Plastic and reconstructive surgery journal. Find the link below and read to know more –