We at Chennai Plastic Surgery offer painless laser treatment. The number of sittings will depend on the thickness of hair and pattern of hair growth. The procedure is performed by doctors and trainer laser technicians.

Pre-procedure instructions:

  1. Do not wax, thread or use any method of hair removal 2 weeks prior to the procedure.
  2. It is not advisable for the patient to prepare the part to be lasered.
  3. Do not use bleaching agents on the area of treatment.
  4. Do not use scrubs, apply chemicals or retinoids on the area to be lasered 3-5days prior to the procedure.
  5. If using oral medications kindly inform the doctor well in advance because some of them might be stopped before the session.
  6. Avoid direct sunlight and natural/artificial tanning 2 weeks prior and during the course of treatment.
  7. If you have any past history of herpes infection, kindly inform your physician.

On the first sitting after assessment of skin type and hair thickness the variables on the laser machine are adjusted accordingly, this will determine the length of the procedure as well. After every sitting, immediately after the treatment mild redness is acceptable (it will settle down in a few hours), after cleaning the area mild moisturiser and sunscreen is applied.

Post-procedure care:

  1. After the procedure if the redness or discomfort persists beyond a few hours, a mild moisturiser or plain aloe vera gel can be applied. Avoids using ice directly on to the area.
  2. For up to 24hrs after the procedure patient is asked to avoid: direct sunlight, hot water baths or steam baths, scrubbing or rubbing the face, use of chemicals and make-up on the area, perfumed washes or creams and threading/waxing.
  3. Do not wear tight clothing for a few days after the treatment over the treated region.
  4. Do not use any kind of salon treatment (facials, massages or hot oil treatments) on the areas treated for up to 7-10 days.
  5. Use sunscreen religiously 3-4 times a day and avoid sun tanning.
  6. Avoid using other forms of hair removal treatments between laser sessions.

The laser treatment offered at our centre is safe and painless. But every patient reacts differently to the procedure, hence we try out best to adjust the procedure to suit your skin.