Although the size of your breasts can play a significant role in their appearance, the shape of your breasts is also incredibly important for their aesthetic appeal. Aging can cause a number of problems with the shape of your breasts. You may experience significant sagging of the breasts, a loss of shape, and an abundance of uneven excess skin.

If you want to restore the shape of your breasts, the breast lift procedure can provide you with your ideal results. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Karthik Ram will remove the excess tissue from the breasts to create a smoother surface and tighter breasts.

Dr. Karthik Ram will adjust the position of the breasts by lifting them upward to give them a youthful perkiness. Dr. Karthik Ram will also make sure that the breasts are symmetrical and have smooth and attractive contours.

Contact Chennai Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for your breast lift procedure. Dr. Karthik Ram will provide you with personalized results that can restore the beauty of your breasts and your comfort with your body.