Smoker’s lines are developed when the muscle around the mouth is active during puckering, like when you smoke a cigarette. These are deep lines around the mouth. However smoking is not the only time our muscles around the mouth make this movement. These lines around the mouth are formed the same way as the lines around the eyes and other areas of face. These lines are considered the signs of aging. Simple and a more effective way to treat smoker’s lines is to get few units of BOTOX.

BOTOX relaxes the muscles and fines out the prominent lines around the mouth. Since the muscles are no longer motion as much, the wrinkles on the skin around the oral region aren’t being constantly reinforced.

Perioral rejuvenation with BOTOX is not a permanent solution. It lasts 4 to 6 months, but with frequent injections we can prolong the recovery of the skin in that area which fades the wrinkles eventually.


  • Dermal filler helps to plump up the peri-oral region thereby minimizes the wrinkles.
  • This can also be combined with a few sessions of radiofrequency therapy to remodel the collagen.
  • Micro needling can also remodel the collagen.
  • And finally to finish this blog, smoking and esthetic procedures aren’t a good combination. So quitting cigarettes will render a good health in general.