Bridge the gap and get exposed with contemporary style. The thigh fat is a very stubborn and is highly resistant to get rid off by exercising and diet. Thighplasty is a procedure wherein the excess skin and fat is removed from the thigh. Then the skin is tightened to improve the contour of the legs.

Do you have one?

Stand straight before a mirror with your back upright with your left and right knees touching each other. If you see space between your inner thighs you got a thigh gap. As compared to the western counterpart the Indian women have a wider pelvic bone making their thighs thicker. Usually fat reduction in thighs is a great nightmare. But by undergoing the procedure the friction burns and chafing caused by rubbing together of the thighs when we walk can be prevented. Post surgery, you will be able to fit in different clothing styles and fashion. Also a feel good factor while work-outs in the gym and in the swimming pools and in the beaches can be experienced very much. Ideal time for intervention will be when you have maintained a stable weight during the past 6 months.

General anesthesia is preferred for thigh lift surgery. The duration will be around 3 hours. Depending on the amount of improvement you desire he incision will vary. But, mostly the incision will be hidden in the groin crease and is closed with fine sutures to minimize the scars. Following which a compression garment is given to be placed over the thigh to reduce the post-operative swelling and bruising that may occur.

What result do you expect?

You can notice an improvement in your thigh contour immediately. However your shape will continue to improve in the following weeks as the swelling subsides over a period of time. You will be able to resume your normal activities sooner and brisk physical activities by 6 week.

It is highly rewarding mutual experience being carried the procedure done by skilled surgeons of Chennai Plastic Surgery team. Many will have looked in the mirror and felt ‘give the thigh a bit pull up that looks better’. Book for your consultations if you need a thigh lift surgery. You are invited to mail us with your questions or we can mail you for more detailed information regarding the procedure.