Liposuction is nothing less than a medical miracle as this surgery has been accepted worldwide for many years. It sculpts your body in due course of time when done by an expert. Experts say in a more humorous way that this surgery is for people who often look at the mirror [ the mirror queens and kings ] several times and keep thinking about an area of fat which stays with them for many years, usually these fat cells are very stubborn and doesn’t respond to exercise.

There has been a lot of non-surgical methods to correct excess fat but still liposuction consistently ranks one of the best cosmetic procedures in the world and is considered to be the most performed cosmetic surgery year after year. As non-surgical results are not fulfilling one’s desires.

One thing which a Plastic surgeon keeps insisting to their patients is, the liposuction surgery is not for losing weight. Many individuals walk into a Plastic surgery clinic for consultation and ask the doctor to perform liposuction to get rid of overweight and to correct obesity. Nowhere this is possible as liposuction cannot be performed to patients wanting to shed their extra pounds which are more concentrated to the visceral regions. On the other hand liposuction can contour your body shape by removing the superficial fat.

Usually people turn up for a consultation regarding liposuction when their body fat does not respond to diet and exercise. And because it can be done with great precision, surgery can tailored with focused goals targeting the area of concern.

Benefits of liposuction being as follows:

  • Removes superficial fat
  • Contours your body
  • Improves health due to body fat loss
  • Boost up your self-esteem
  • Sculpts the targeted area which you like to be on shape